Adsense Search

Adsense Search has not generated much revenue. However, I have found an area where Adsense Search is useful — in providing us the webmasters insight into what our visitors are looking for. Adsense now reports on the top keywords users type into the search box, and these keywords will provide ideas on what to add to your existing site.

Oracle Buys Siebel for $5.85B

Oracle is buying CRM vendor Siebel for $5.85B, which equates to $10.66 per Siebel share. Siebel has sought to be a major player in the data warehousing area with the acquisition of nQuire, which Siebel folded into its suite of offerings as Siebel Analytics. It is unlikely that Oracle will keep the Siebel Analytics component, since Oracle already offers its own suite of data warehousing tools.

eBay buys Skype

eBay is buying Skype, the up-and-coming VoIP player for between $2.6 and $4.1 billion, depending on Skype’s future financial performance.

Very interesting combination. And it looks odd. But, if you compare this with Yahoo’s deal with, there are actually similarities. In combining Alibaba’s ecommerce platform with Yahoo’s Messenger/Mail/Search capabilities, the new Alibaba entity created China’s first internet player with capabilities in ecommerce, communications, and search. eBay dominates many countries in Auctions, and getting Skype is one step in a possible road to full competition with the likes of Yahoo, MSN, and possibly Google.