SEO Technique – Leveraging Yahoo Answers

One method that I’ve never seen anyone talk about for increasing your site’s traffic is leveraging Yahoo Answers (or Yahoo Knowledge, depending on which country you are in). This is especially useful if you have an informational site.

What you can do is to list your site as part the answer, or list it as the resource for your answer. Even though Yahoo has cleverly anticipated this and they have put a rel=nofllow tag on the links there, thus preventing link spam and making this technique worthless in terms of link building, what you are really looking for here is getting actual traffic to your site. This technique will not only get people who start with Yahoo! Answers, but because Yahoo! Answers pages rank well on all major search engines, you’ll also be indirectly capturing the search engine traffic.

The key thing to remember here is that if your site is indeed a valuable source for people’s questions, this technique will for sure generate high-quality traffic to your site. Once people discover your site and like your site, you’ll start to gain additional links naturally, and this will in turn help your search engine rankings.