Converting from Blogger to WordPress

Previously this blog had been on the Blogger platform.┬ Blogger has been fairly easy to use, but there were some areas that Blogger wasn’t satisfactory:

1. Category. ┬ Blogger does not allow me categorize my posts.┬ This is actually turning out to be an important feature for me because┬ I┬ am covering several different topics, aimed at completely different audience, here.┬ There are actually several ways to do this (this post from gave a nice summary on how to do this), but none of them seems like a permanent solution to me.

2. Trackback abilities.┬ Blogger doesn’t allow for trackback.

3. More control.┬ I’d like to be in complete control of how┬ my blog pages look like.┬ Blogger is fairly good in this respect, but it doesn’t yet allow complete control.

I decided to install and run WordPress on my website because that would allow me to accomplish all of the above.┬ Below I’ll talk about how the process went:


The installation process was fairly painless.┬ Simply following the directions got the job done.

Template/Presentation┬ customization

Selecting a template actually took quite a bit of time.┬ I tried out several templates, but eventually decided to use the default one and then go from there.┬ To customize the template, you’ll need to have a basic understanding of PHP.┬

One┬ important thing you should keep in mind if you are┬ doing this is always make sure you have a backup copy of the original template file.┬ Otherwise, it’s impossible to undo something if┬ changes you made goes┬ wrong — and often all you’ll get is a PHP error message, which could be┬ entirely useless in debugging.┬


Importing previous posts from Blogger actually gave me some problems.┬ After some experimentation, I found that it was due to the fact that I had modified the default Blogger template quite a bit, and that seemed to have confused the WordPress import program.┬ Once I switched the Blogger template to the default one, the import process went ok.

There were some issues with the body text of the posts.┬ In many (but not all) of the posts, the second paragraph would be joined together with the first paragraph.┬ So, I had to manually go through each post to add the <p> tag in.┬ That took some time.

A third thing I had to do is to make sure all the image calls are correct, as the paths to the images have now changed.┬ This was a fairly easy task, as I had images in only a handful of my posts.