Google Code Search

Google released Code Search, a search utility to find computer codes across the web. Users can type in a snippet of code they are looking for (including regular expressions), and Google Code Search will return the codes that contain that particular snippet. People can also search by specifying the file name, package name, language, or license they are looking for.

I tried it out and did not find it to be very useful. True, if you know the exact line of code or the exact file name you are looking for, this can be useful. However, I am usually more interested in finding code that performs a certain function in a certain computer language, such as “I want to find a piece of code that sessionizes raw web log data in perl.” To be able to accomplish this type of search, people will either need to tag their code (probably not happening anytime soon), or the search engine will need to be able to decipher the information hidden in the comment field within the code (this is more likely).