Microsoft introduces LinkfromDomain operator on

Microsoft has introduced the LinkfromDomain operator on¬ This operator allows users to see all¬ outgoing links from a¬ top-level domain.¬ This is basically the opposite of the LinkDomain¬ operator, which allows users to see all¬ incoming links to a domain.

Whlie test driving this command, I noticed the following:

1.¬ LinkfromDomain is not available for subdomains, while LinkDomain is.¬

2.¬ ¬ The LinkfromDomain operator will give all links from that domain, regardless whether that link has a rel=nofollow designation.¬ Also, links buried in Javascript are also displayed.

3.¬ The LinkfromDomain operator is a good way of identifying outdated links from a site.¬ This is very useful if you are the site owner.