Domain Search Engine is a new domain search engine offering some pretty cool functionalities. First, its front page has a Google suggest-like feature that allow you to instantly see whether a domain you are interested in is available.

The site also offers several additional tools for people interested in domaining (or those who are just curious):

3-character and 4-character domains: Lists available domains which are 3- or 4-characters long. I checked the 3-character tool, and discovered that right now there is no available 3-word .com names, and there are only 8 expired 3-word .com names.

Dictionary: Lists available domain names that can be found in the dictionary.

Domain Suggest / Word Search: These two tools both give you a list of suggestions based on the name you typed in.

Search-N-Replace: Find all registered domains containing word1, replace with word2, and show which are available.

Bulk Lookup: You can check many domains at once with this tool.