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“Miserable Failure” search no longer points to Bush’s official site

The poster child of Google Bombing, “Miserable Failure”, no longer points to George Bush’s official website.

SEO is a one-time fix?

Refutes Dave Pasternack’s assertion that “SEO is a one-time fix.”

Google is the top global brand for 2 years running

According to, Google is the world’s top brand for 2006, after having received the same honor for 2005.

Bears vs Colts, Super Bowl 41

TopCat’s prediction on Super Bowl 41.

Wikipedia now placing rel=”nofollow” on links to external sites

Wikipedia places rel=nofollow on external links to discourage spam.

It’s now OK to run Adsense with other contextual ad programs

It’s okay to run Adsense ads together with other contextual ads, provided that they do not resemble or mimic Adsense ads.

Different Colors of SEO Hats

To be on the safe side, it is advisable to only use white hat SEO techniques.

Google updated its Adsense Program Policies

Google updated its Adsense policies to formalize the ban on placing images next to Adsense ads, and to specifically ban sites from stealing other people’s contents from displaying Adsense.