Google updated its Adsense Program Policies

Google updated its Adsense Program policies yesterday (you can find the updated policy here). As usual, Jennifer Slegg at Jensense has a good summary on the changes.

To me, the interesting things to note are:

1. The policy itself is now readable. :)

2. Formalizing the ban on placing images next to Adsense ads to entice clicks. Google announced this ban last month, but I am still seeing a lot of Adsense publishers using this technique.

3. Copyrighted material. Google is now specifically banning sites that steal other people’s content from displaying Adsense. If you find your own content stolen and posted on a page that has Adsense ads (trust me, that can be a very unpleasant feeling), you can notify Google per directions found here, and Google will act on it.