Yahoo Now Supports ‘NOYDIR’ Meta Tag

Yahoo Search announced today that it is supporting the NOYDIR meta tag, which will allow webmasters full control over the title and description of their sites. Currently, if a site is included in the Yahoo Directory, Yahoo Search will always display the title and description stored in the Yahoo Directory, which may be out of sync with what the site has currently.

It will be interesting to see how much effect this change has on the rankigns of the sites currently in the Yahoo Directory. My initial guess is that most site might see a slight enhancement in their rankings because the title and description Yahoo uses should now be more relevant.

[Updated on March 1, 2007] One day after including the “NOYDIR” meta tag, I found that the title and description of my sites have changed, although it has little impact on the rankings.

My Thoughts on ALGOCO

A couple of weeks ago Kumiko wrote a post titled “ALGOCO Will Not Make Money Online! Ever!,” which stirred up some interesting conversation online.

While I don’t really agree with her arguments, especially the “if the company doesn’t make money, I won’t join” logic. Hey, if someone is going to pay me on a regular schedule and I really don’t need to do that much, I could really care the less whether the company will make money itself. Actually, I do think the ALGOCO team has a good chance of making money this time around, because they have learned from their past mistakes from AllAdvantage. That will mean, though, that people cannot expect the kind of money they received from AllAdvantage.

I do have something in common with Kumiko, though, that is I am not signing up for ALGOCO. Why? Because their Viewbar will collect all of my actions on the internet, and ALGOCO will know every page I view and every click I make. This is not a pleasant thought. If they go out and decide to shop that data around, things can really go ugly, and I am not eager to be a part of it.

How to Change Encoding in MagpieRSS

Including RSS feeds in your website is a good idea, and MagpieRSS is probably the most popular tool. The default encoding for this tool, however, is in “ISO-8859-1″, which means it won’t be able to display Unicode characters properly. Therefore, some tweaking is needed if you want to use RSS feeds in languages other than English.

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More info available at Alexa

The Alexa traffic page now includes 3 additional pieces of information:

1. Reach: Reach numbers for yesterday, 1-week average, and 3-months average are show in tabular form.

2. Traffic from individual countries: Showing the percentage of traffic coming from different countries. The top 25 countries are listed.

3. Traffic rank in individual countries: Showing the traffic rank for the site for individual countries. The highest-ranked 25 countries are listed.

The countries distribution numbers should be taken with a grain of salt, as I found the numbers to be quite different from Google Analytics. For example, Alexa says US traffic to one of my sites outnumber traffic from India by 8:1, while Google Analytics has that ratio at 3:1.

Colts win Super Bowl 41

The Indianapolis Colts have just won Super Bowl 41 by a score of 29-17. The game really wasn’t even that close, as the Colts controlled the pace of the game other than the opening kickoff. The fact Peyton Manning had a good game didn’t surprise me. What did surprise me was the Colts were able to get their running game going (that was one area I had thought the Bears would shut them down), and that the Bears offense, especially the passing game, was so ineffective. Watching Grossman play reminded me of Dieter Brock (for those of you who have seen Dieter Brock play, you know what I mean).

Are we seeing the beginning of a Colts dynasty? It’s a distinct possibility, as long as they are able to keep the core of their team. They have a very good offense and a good defense, so it’s a safe bet that they’ll be in the playoffs for the next several years. Once you are in the playoffs, anything is possible.

How about the Bears? One thing this game exposed is that they really need a quarterback. Of course, with that defense, they’ll be in most games. I still believe the Bears will be in the playoffs for the next several years as well, as NFC is currently in a down period, but unless they do something with the quarterback position, they won’t go too far in the playoffs.