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Yahoo Now Supports ‘NOYDIR’ Meta Tag

Yahoo’s NOYDIR meta tag will cause Yahoo to show the title and description from your website, instead of from the Yahoo Directory.

SEO Mind Crime is not crime on SEO

Anthony Fallon’s argument that “you don’t need SEO” is flawed. Here are the reasons why.

My Thoughts on ALGOCO

Bottom line: I am not signing up for Algoco because of privacy concerns.

How to Change Encoding in MagpieRSS

How to modify MagpieRSS to make sure double-byte characters display correctly.

More info available at Alexa

Alexa now includes 3 additional pieces of information: Reach, traffic distribution by country, and traffic rank by country.

Who will win the Dave Pasternack contest?

A prognosis on who will win the Dave Pasternack SEO contest with 2 weeks to go.

Browser Market Share, January 2007

Shows browser market share for January 2007.

Colts win Super Bowl 41

The Indianapolis Colts win Super Bowl 41 by a score of 29-17 over the Chicago Bears.