SEO Mind Crime is not crime on SEO

Anthony Fallon wrote an article named SEO Mind Crime, where he claimed that “you don’t need SEO”. Interesting… let’s take a look at his arguments:

His first argument was that he saw a client who was quoted $29,000 by a SEO firm for getting her site in the top 10 position in Google. OK, this is indeed an absurd sum of money (either that or I should start my own SEO firm, too), and that’s a promise that simply cannot be kept. But, a bad SEO firm doesn’t mean that the entire industry is crap.

His second argument was that his article would very quickly achieve good ranking in Google for the term “SEO Mind Crime”, which it did, within a very short period of time. And, because he was able to do this, he has shown that there is no need to do SEO. This is definitely flawed logic, as getting ranked high for a relatively non-competitive term is nothing to brag about. Hey, I have done that before: A week before the Super Bowl (the championship game for professional American football, arguably the biggest annual sporting event in the US), I wrote a piece here sharing my prediction on the Super Bowl winner. Within 3 days I started seeing traffic coming in from Google to that post, and by the Super Bowl weekend it was as high as #10 for the query term “Super Bowl 41″. Now I would argue that “Super Bowl 41″ is a lot more competitive than “SEO Mind Crime”, especially during the Super Bowl week. In my case, I attributed the good ranking to the SEO work I have done for this blog.

Also, it’s one thing to get good rankings for a term that has very few searches. I would be much more impressed if he had been able to crack the top 10 for the term “SEO”, or even the top 100… nah, that would be too tough… how about just the top 1000? So I checked… and sure enough, that post is not in the top 1000 for “SEO”.

So, obviously his logic for claiming that SEO is not useful is flawed. Just because there are some SEO firms out there making outrageous claims, and just because he can rank high for a non-competitive keyword, do not mean anything SEO itself is useless.

Updated on Feb 28, 10:25 am: Less than 24 hours after writing the article, my site is ranked #10 for “SEO Mind Crime”, and “SEO Mind” on Google… See what happens when you pick an easy term?