50 Top Mybloglog Communities

Below is the ranking of the top MyBlogLog communities (the size of the communities roughly estimates the number of fans for a particular blog). Although this is not necessarily an accurate indication of the actual blog readership, as not all blogs are in MyBlogLog, and not all viewers join MyBlogLog, it’s nevertheless an interesting way to see what people are gravitating towards.

Some interesting observations:

1. English sites dominate the list. Out of the 50, only 6 are non-English, and one other, Blogmeme, has multiple languages.

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I want to share with everyone here my experience with Squidoo, which I first learned about from Earner’s Blog. Below are my thoughts:

Excellent traffic generator: The reason I signed up for Squidoo was to generate traffic to a blog of mine. Squidoo delivered a home run in this role. The Squidoo page I set up quickly ranked well in Google for a number of closely related query terms, and initially Squidoo was accounting for > 50% of the visits to my blog.

Not really good for your site if you are using Adsense to monetize: This is because there are already 3 Adsense ad blocks on every Squidoo page, so chances are visitors who come from Squidoo to your site already just seen a bunch of Adsense ads. So, they are less inclined to click on Adsense ads on your site, especially if your site is closely related to your Squidoo page (which should usually be the case).

The revenue from Squidoo itself is low: Squidoo talks about sharing revenue with its Lens masters. This is nice, but it takes a long time for them to calculate the revenue share for each site (for example, February revenue share was just made available earlier this month), and the revenue amount was disappointing. So, if you set up a Lens on Squidoo with the idea of generating $$$ from Squidoo’s revenue share program, you’ll be disappointed.

You cannot track it with Google Analytics: This is because Squidoo already has Google Analytics installed on every page. So, if you want to track referrals into your Squidoo pages, you’ll need to find another way.

In conclusion, if you are looking for Squidoo to generate traffic to your site, you’ll be pleasantly surprised, given that you did put in some effort to set up your Squidoo page. On the other hand, don’t expect much revenue directly.

My experience with Google’s Supplemental Index

Here’s my recent experience with the Google Supplemental Index:A relatively new site that I had launched was receiving some traffic from Google. All of a sudden, traffic stopped, and I ran a site: command to find that my site is still in the index, but now there are two copies of my site’s homepage: http://www.mysite.com?q=a, which is in the main index, and http://www.mysite.com, which is in the supplemental index.

Clearly, my URL got placed in the supplemental index because http://www.mysite.com?q=a and http://www.mysite.com are quite similar (they are not identical, but it looked like Google thought they are close enough to be considered duplicates), and Google just happened to keep the one with a query string in the main index. Of course, all the backlinks point to http://www.mysite.com, so http://www.mysite.com?q=a ranked poorly (was top 5, now in the 200′s), hence the reason I was no longer receiving traffic from Google.

Once I found out what the problem was, the solution was straightforward: Modify robots.txt. I changed robots.txt so that Googlebot cannot see http://www.mysite.com?q=a. This had the desired effect, as 2-3 days later, http://www.mysite.com got back to the main index with its original ranking, and the site started receiving traffic from Google again.

Stay away from eBooks claiming to reveal “secrets”

These days many eBooks claiming to reveal some type of secret on the internet. For example, many of those books claim to give you Adsense secrets. Spend some $$ to get the eBook, and the secret is yours. Think about it, if you do have such a formula, what would you do? Selling an eBook telling everyone else in the world about it, or simply go profit from it yourself? To me, the choice is easy. So, it’s obvious sharing the secrets to success is not one of the reasons for writing a eBook. Continue reading