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Google Pagerank Update underway

Google pagerank update is happening on April 27, 2007.

50 Top Mybloglog Communities

Lists and analyzes the top 50 MyBlogLog communities as of April 22, 2007.


In this article, TopCat shares his experience on Squidoo.

My experience with Google’s Supplemental Index

What to do when your site falls into Google’s Supplemental Index? Here is TopCat’s experience.

Stay away from eBooks claiming to reveal “secrets”

There are many eBooks proclaiming to reveal “secrets.” My advice is to stay away from them. Read to find out why.

Check your website in both IE and Firefox

Before you launch your new website or hot new redesign, make sure you test your site in both IE and Firefox to make sure your user experience is not affected by the browser.

Browser Market Share, March 2007

Shows the browser market share for March, 2007.