50 Top Mybloglog Communities

Below is the ranking of the top MyBlogLog communities (the size of the communities roughly estimates the number of fans for a particular blog). Although this is not necessarily an accurate indication of the actual blog readership, as not all blogs are in MyBlogLog, and not all viewers join MyBlogLog, it’s nevertheless an interesting way to see what people are gravitating towards.

Some interesting observations:

1. English sites dominate the list. Out of the 50, only 6 are non-English, and one other, Blogmeme, has multiple languages.

2. Technology/Web/Making Money/News related sites dominate the list, accounting for more than 2/3 of the top 50 sites.

3. Not all sites are simply just blogs. For example, the PayPerPost blog is a blogging component of the PayPerPost.com site.

4. The top community, The DJ List, has 4,955 members as of today.

Below is the list of 50 top communities in MyBlogLog:

1 The DJ List
2 A Blog for Thinkers
3 ProBlogger
4 Mybloglog
5 Lifehacker
6 Yahoo! Messenger Blog
7 A Blog About Money Online
8 2000 Bloggers
9 Search Engine Optimization and Online Marketing
10 Heart Attack
11 Boing Boing
12 Read/WriteWeb
13 Remolacha.net/Pagina fea, pero Informativa
14 Blogging to Fame!
15 John Chow Dot Com
16 Loic Le Meur
17 The MyBlogLog Blog
18 Blogmemes
19 Shoemoney
20 AVC
21 Random Good Stuff
22 TechCrunch
23 43 Folders
24 Gizmodo
25 Designers who Blog
26 PayPerPost
27 Search Engine Land
28 bLaugh
29 A Bllglr The Gooblebot
30 A Blogging Secret
31 Venture Chronicles
32 GigaOM
33 101 Cookbooks
34 Digital Inspiration, the Technology Blog
35 Mashable
36 Amarylliss’ blog
37 Payday Loan Blog
38 Blog Bullet
39 Valleywag
40 Technical Bliss. Get Tips. Tracks and Hacks
41 Marketing Pilgrim
42 TopRankBlog.com
43 Free Life Coaching – How to be Your Own Life coach
44 Business Garden
45 Go2web2
46 Feld Thoughts
47 Graywolf’s SEO Blog
48 TechCrunch France
49 Google Tutor
50 DJ Tiesto