Stay away from eBooks claiming to reveal “secrets”

These days many eBooks claiming to reveal some type of secret on the internet. For example, many of those books claim to give you Adsense secrets. Spend some $$ to get the eBook, and the secret is yours. Think about it, if you do have such a formula, what would you do? Selling an eBook telling everyone else in the world about it, or simply go profit from it yourself? To me, the choice is easy. So, it’s obvious sharing the secrets to success is not one of the reasons for writing a eBook.

So why do people write eBooks like these? The #1 reason is obviously the money they get from selling the eBook itself. Each copy may not sell for much, but it will add up. Also, since there is no incremental cost for each new book sold, the price of the eBook is pure profit.

The #2 reason, and often the real reason, is affiliate marketing. Many secret-revealing eBooks have affiliate links embedded in them, so if you want to triple your Adsense income, use this tool to do this, and use that tool to do that. Of course, all the tools are affiliate links, where the author takes a cut if you, the reader, actually buy the product through that link.

The #3 reason is the satisfaction from having written a book. Writing a book and getting it published is hard work. You will need to come up with ideas, contact and convince the publisher your book will sell, do tons of research, write the manuscript, proofread your manuscript N times — not for the faint of heart. An eBook, on the other hand, is much easier to do.

So, pretty obvious that you should not buy one of those secret-revealling eBooks, especially those making amazing claims. Repeat: Don’t waste your money!