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Google Buying Feedburner for $100 M

Techcrunch reported that Google is buying Feedburner for $100 M.

Google shows what’s hot in near real-time

Google’s latest product, Google Hot Trends, shows the top 100 hot queries for each day.

Please, Use UTF-8 Encoding

All Web 2.0 sites should use UTF-8 encoding to accomodate for double-byte languages.

Social bookmark sites: More than bookmarks

Social bookmark sites can be a good source for pagerank.

Adsense Referrals, Anyone?

Adsense referrals should not be discounted; in fact, there are sites earning more from referrals than from Adsense for Content.

MyBlogLog: A Marketing Tool

This article examines how MyBlogLog can be used as a marketing tool for bloggers.

Browser Market Share, April 2007

Shows browser market share for April 2007.