MyBlogLog: A Marketing Tool

By now, more than 120,000 people have joined MyBlogLog. What’s so great/interesting/useful about this site? To me, it’s a great marketing tool in several ways:

1. When you visit a site that has the the MyBlogLog widget installed, they’ll see that I visited their site, and they will likely visit (at the minimum) my profile page in return.

2. When I join other communities and add MyBlogLogers as my contacts, they will see that I have joined them, and they will likely come back and visit. Better yet, other people who belong to the same communities/have the same contacts will Join other communities and add others as contacts.

3. Follow some people and see what communities they join, especially the people who are blogging about the same thing as you are. Pretty soon you’ll also know what are the top sites in your niche.

All of the methods mentioned above are open to abuse — you just can open a new window everytime you go to a new site without actually viewing the site content, or you can just join all the communities you see and add everyone as your contact. However, it’s pretty easy to see who are the “community whores” and “contact whores”, and people will simply stop at your profile page and not go visit your site at all.