Blog Review – is Jason Neuman’s personal blog, and was started in February 2007. He writes about a variety of topics there, from family to cars to make money online to technology. In 4 short months, he has accumulated a good readership — for example, has been reviewed by over 160 blogs.

Jason posts a lot — just about once a day. His posts are usually of modest length, which makes them easily digestible. This is not a place to find hard-core SEO techniques or evil make money schemes. Instead, Jason’s content is easy to follow, and is a pleasant read.

One thing I find interesting about his approach is that he writes about all sorts of things he finds interesting in this one blog. This is a good approach, as it allows him to write about a variety of topics without worrying about whether it suits the taste of his audience. Also, he doesn’t have to maintain multiple blogs, and can concentrate all his link juice to a single domain. I have tried to do multiple blogs before, and that was very difficult to pull off, so I think Jason is on the right track here.

The only thing I wish he can do is to offer a separate RSS feed for each one of his categories. This way, those who are interested in his “Making Money Online” category but not the “Improvement” category can read only his articles about “Making Money Online”.

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