Blog Review: Blogging With Desi Baba

Blogging With Desi Baba is Sunny M’s personal blog, mostly focused on technology and blogging. He started blogging in July 2006, and he posts frequently, about once a day.

My first impression of the site is favorable: Font is big enough, search box is easy to find, etc. He writes about a variety of topics, and his writing is often humorous and easy to read.

Sunny switches his focus over time — he would write primarily on a particular category for a period of time, and then switch to focus on another category later. Right now most of his posts fall in the Blogging category.

I find his favor internet explorer post quite interesting. Previously I had published a post telling readers not to ignore Firefox when they set up a website / blog. Here, Sunny took the opposite angle and urges those of us who use primarily Firefox not to forget about IE. I do have to agree. I have run across sites that looks great in Firefox but are messed up in IE (granted, this happens rarely, it’s usually the other way around), and these site owners should definitely read Sunny’s advice here.

This doesn’t mean I necessarily agree with everything he writes. For example, I disagree with his article on adding games, music, etc, to a blog to keep the reader entertained. Personally, I get annoyed when a site (blog or not) starts playing music by itself, and nowadays I keep my speaker off when I browse the web. In addition, adding all these gadgets could slow the site down, which can cause viewers to leave before the page is fully loaded.