Use OpenAds As Your Own Ad Server

If you are using more than just one or two advertising partners, you know managing advertising is not an easy task. It takes time to put up new ads, take down non-performing ads, check results, etc. Back in SES San Jose 2007, I heard a couple of respected people in the search engine industry recommending OpenAds as the ad server of choice. So I went ahead and gave it a try.

I am very pleased with what OpenAds has delivered for me. Below are some of the features I find most useful with OpenAds:

  • Easily add and delete new advertisers, as well as turning on and turning off specific ads. You can do all of the above without modifying the source code of your website.
  • Ability to get ad stats. For those involved with multiple ad networks, you know how much time it takes to get impressions and CTR data from multiple sources. If you serve all your ads through OpenAds, you’ll be able to view impressions, clicks, and CTR data for all your ads.
  • Ability to randomly serve up ads based on pre-determined frequencies. Randomizing ads helps prevent ad blindness. It’s possible to do this without an ad server, but it’s a tedious and extremely time-consuming task. With OpenAds, this can be done quickly.
  • Easy to set up. I was able to set up OpenAds quickly.
  • Ability to geo-target. If you include geo-country mapping data, you will be able to geo-target the ads you serve in a single place.
  • Currently, OpenAds is free. If you have multiple sites, or if you use multiple advertisers, or if you just simply want to have more control of how ads show up in your site, you should give OpenAds a try.