Browser Market Share, December 2007

Here is the browser market share for December 2007, based on traffic to my top site:

IE: 62.98%
Firefox: 33.25%
Opera: 2.12%
Safari: 0.83%
Mozilla: 0.58%

With the students out of school for winter break in December, I had expected that the IE would show a rise in market share versus Firefox, and that proved to be the case. During December, IE gained 0.47%, while Firefox lost 0.62%. Among the smaller players, Opera gained 0.1%, and Safari gained 0.03%.

Safari’s performance during the second half of 2007 must have been a disappointment for Apple, who announced the availability of Safari for the Windows system back in June. I for one downloaded Safari for Windows, but never used it after the initial period. It appears the majority of people who tried Safari for Windows did exactly the same.