Browser Market Share, March 2008

Here is the browser market share for March 2008, based on traffic to my top site:

IE: 60.89%
Firefox: 35.32%
Opera: 2.03%
Safari: 1.04%
Mozilla: 0.52%

In March, IE lost 2.37% — the largest percentage decrease in one month since Technology Tips started tracking browser market share information. Firefox was the main beneficiary — gaining 2.06% during the same period. The smaller browsers also saw increases in market share — Opera gained 0.15%, while Safari gained 0.16%.

In the last post in this series, we reported that IE dropped over a full percentage point in February. Interestingly, the comScore search market share data for February also showed that MSN lost search market share during the same period. Since IE again saw a decline (and a bigger one at that!) in March, it’ll be interesting to see if MSN lost more ground in the search engine competition in March.