RevResponse Review

One of the affiliate programs I have been using since April is RevResponse by Netline. This program pays publishers for referring visitors who subscribe to magazines for free. It’s unique in that most of the affiliate programs out there equate “action” to “spending money”, not so with RevResponse. Below are my thoughts after having been on the program for 4 months:


1. Easy to implement: Using the Ad Wizard to generate the tracking code is an easy process.

2. Simple to use reporting interface: The reporting interface is not flashy, but it requires very few clicks and gets the job done.

3. Plenty of offers: There are plenty of magazines and white papers available for free.

4. Co-branded site: A big plus with RevResponses is its co-branded page feature. You can customize the header and footer of the page to make it like your own site. In addition, you can place Google Analytics code on your co-branded site so you can track user behavior.

5. Flexibility: Publishers can control which page on the co-brand site a visitor sees after clicking on the ad. It could be the home page, a category page, or an individual offer page. This type of flexibility is very useful for publishers, especially when it comes to optimization.


1. Qualification criteria is determined by the magazine publishers, and is not very transparent.

2. RevResponse does not offer impression reporting. So, unless you are using your own ad server such as OpenX, it can be very difficult to calculate the effective CPM for RevResponse ads.


Success with this site lies largely on whether there is an offer that fits your niche. My suggestion is that you should check out the available offers and see if any of them matches your niche. If so, this is a program that’s definitely worth a try.