Browser Market Share, January 2009

Here is the browser market share for January 2009, based on traffic to my top site:

IE: 54.38%
Firefox: 38.21%
Google Chrome: 3.50%
Opera: 2.18%
Safari: 1.13%
Mozilla: 0.46%

Compared to December, the biggest gainer was Chrome, which increased by 0.34%. The biggest loser was IE, which saw its market share decrease by 0.32%. Firefox saw a small increase at 0.13%. IE8, which is the next version of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer browser, released its RC (release candidate) version in January 2009. We have started to see a small trickle of IE8 browser (1.68% of all IE traffic). We have not yet tried IE8, and will report our thoughts on it once we have done so.