Browser Market Share, September 2009

Here is the browser market share for September 2009, based on traffic to my top site:

IE: 51.10%
Firefox: 38.25%
Google Chrome: 6.64%
Opera: 1.74%
Safari: 1.63%
Mozilla: 0.46%

September was a bad month for IE, as it was the only browser losing market share (-1.08%) from August. All other browsers gained at the expense of IE. Google Chrome continued its strong momentum, gaining another 0.31% in September to hold a 6.64% market share. Firefox also reversed its losing ways in August and posted a healthy 0.38% gain. At the current rate, IE will be below 50% before the end of the year, and hence will no longer hold a dominant position in the marketplace. It doesn’t look like there is much Microsoft can do to change the trend — the next major Microsoft product release is Windows 7, but there is little to indicate that this will change IE’s fortunes.