McAfee’s False Positive of w32/wecorl.a Caused Removal of svchost.exe

Yesterday morning there were reports of computers going into a continuous rebooting cycle due a a glitch with McAfee’s antivirus software update. Apparently this only affected McAfee’s enterprise customers, and only on computers running Windows XP SP3. Even though the absolute number of computers affected does not appear to be large (McAfee’s own press release puts that number at 0.005% of all machines running McAfee), the story nevertheless made it to the front page of Digg, and Twitter was abuzz with anti-McAfee tweets. What’s worse, malware vendors have used this opportunity to spam search engine results, leading unsuspecting users to download viruses and trojans.

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Change Domain Registrar

Recently I decided to change domain registrars for all the domains I have. Due to various reasons, my domains are registered through 3 separate registrars, and it made sense to consolidate into a single registrar. Below is the experience I went through, which should be pretty typical of everyone. Winning Registrar refers to the registrar I am transferring the domain to, and Losing Registrar refers to the registrar I am transferring the domain away from.

The steps are as follows:

1. Going into the console of the Losing Registrar, unlock the domain and write down the Auth Code.

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