Browser Market Share – March 2010

Below is the browser market share for March 2010, based on traffic to my top site:

IE: 46.23%
Firefox: 38.26%
Google Chrome: 11.29%
Opera: 1.99%
Safari: 1.63%
Mozilla: 0.33%

In March 2010, Google Chrome gained 0.79%, the sixth month in a row where it gained at least 0.6%! This month also saw IE losing a full percentage point, with Firefox, Opera, and Mozilla seeing small gains.

In an effort to reverse its declining browser fortunes, in mid-March Microsoft released a preview of IE9. While the reviews have been positive, IE9 will not be supported on Windows XP, which is still 70% of all Windows machines (based on traffic to the same site). So, it is doubtful that IE9 can help IE’s declining fortunes, at least not until more people move out of Windows XP.