Browser Market Share – April 2010

Below is the browser market share for April 2010, based on traffic to my top site:

IE: 45.72%
Firefox: 38.13%
Google Chrome: 12.13%
Opera: 1.84%
Safari: 1.63%
Mozilla: 0.28%

In April 2010, Google Chrome gained 0.84%, the seventh month in a row where it gained at least 0.6%! The gain came at the expense of pretty much everyone else, with IE suffering the most decline at -0.51%.

At the current rate, IE and Firefox will be neck-to-neck by the end of 2012, with Google Chrome very close behind. By the end of 2013, Google Chrome will be #1, with Firefox #2, and IE #3. If Microsoft wants to stop its slide in the browser market, IE9 will need to be a monster hit with the users.