Browser Market Share, June 2010

Below is the browser market share for June 2010, based on traffic to my top site:

IE: 45.84%
Firefox: 37.08%
Google Chrome: 13.33%
Opera: 1.72%
Safari: 1.55%
Mozilla: 0.24%

Google Chrome continued to be the story in June 2010, when it gained another 0.58%. Though this broke the streak of 8 consecutive months of at least 0.6% increase, Google Chrome was nevertheless the big winner during the month. Similar to May 2010, the gain came at the expense of Firefox, which dropped 0.5%.

Another interesting development was that IE gained market share in June 2010. This marked the first time since July 2009 where IE showed a month-over-month increase in market share. Coupled with last month’s small decline, can this possibly mean that IE is indeed recovering and has indeed starting to re-capture market share?