Browser Market Share, July 2010

Below is the browser market share for July 2010, based on traffic to my top site:

IE: 46.31%
Firefox: 36.43%
Google Chrome: 13.78%
Safari: 1.53%
Opera: 1.49%
Mozilla: 0.21%

Showing that its June 2010 performance was not a fluke, IE gained 0.47% in market share during July 2010. This increase was even higher than Google Chrome’s 0.45% improvement, making IE the browser with the best market share gain during the month — the first time this was the case since January 2008!

Meanwhile, Google Chrome continued to gain during the month, increasing by another 0.45%. The big losers in July were Firefox, which lost 0.65%, and Opera, which lost 0.23% and dropped behind Safari in overall rankings.