Browser Market Share, December 2010

Happy New Year! Here is the browser market share for December 2010, based on traffic to my top site (number in parentheses shows change from November):

IE: 41.63% (+0.05%)
Firefox: 36.12% (-0.74%)
Google Chrome: 18.24% (+0.60%)
Safari: 1.80% (-0.01%)
Opera: 1.77% (+0.09%)
Mozilla: 0.12% (-0.03%)

In December, Google Chrome continued its strong momentum, gaining another 0.60% in market share. Firefox was the big loser, giving back all of its gains in November. IE held steady during the month, which is a reversal to its recent slide. In the smaller browsers, Mozilla is now only at 0.12%, which is even less than Opera Mini (0.19%). In view of recent declines of Mozilla, TopCat believes Mozilla will no longer be a player in the browser market, and will not include Mozilla in future discussions.