Browser Market Share, January 2011

Here is the browser market share for January 2011, based on traffic to my top site (number in parentheses shows change from December):

IE: 41.16% (-0.47%)
Firefox: 35.38% (-0.74%)
Google Chrome: 19.41% (+1.17%)
Safari: 1.84% (+0.04%)
Opera: 1.77% (no change)

Google Chrome was very strong out of the gate in 2011, gaining 1.17% to 19.41%. Firefox continued to lose market share, dropping another 0.74% in January. IE also lost share, albeit at a lower rate (-0.47%). In the wake of the latest IE vulnerability report, it is highly likely that IE will lose share. Whether these people will switch to Firefox and Google Chrome equally or all go to Google Chrome remains to be seen.