Browser Market Share, July 2011

Here is the browser market share for July 2011, based on traffic to my top site (number in parentheses shows change from June):

IE: 38.96% (-0.48%)
Firefox: 34.05% (-0.19%)
Google Chrome: 23.09% (+0.58%)
Safari: 1.63% (+0.03%)
Opera: 1.39% (-0.07%)

Google Chrome continued its momentum in July, gaining 0.58%. This means right now almost a quarter of the visitors are using Google Chrome. IE and Firefox both suffered losses, though they are both still well ahead of Google Chrome. The gap between IE and Firefox is now less than 5%. Looking at the year-over-year trend, we clearly see strength in Google Chrome, which gained 9.31%, while IE and Firefox lost 7.35% and 2.38%, respectively.