Browser Market Share, August 2011

Here is the browser market share for August 2011, based on traffic to my top site (number in parentheses shows change from July):

IE: 39.15% (+0.19%)
Firefox: 32.68% (-1.37%)
Google Chrome: 24.25% (+1.16%)
Safari: 1.66% (+0.03%)
Opera: 1.36% (-0.03%)

Google Chrome was exceptionally strong in August, gaining 1.16% to reach 24.25%. IE showed a small gain during the month, while Firefox suffered a major decline. One reason why people may be leaving Firefox is that many of the extensions are not available in the newest versions of Firefox. For example, the Google Toolbar is not available in Firefox 5 or above. Firefox has been pushing out new releases fairly frequently, and the lack of backward compatibility with extensions, along with the inability for the extensions to keep up, could lead to the drop in Firefox market share that we are seeing.