Browser Market Share, September 2011

Here is the browser market share for September 2011, based on traffic to my top site (number in parentheses shows change from August):

IE: 37.53% (-1.62%)
Firefox: 33.10% (+0.42%)
Google Chrome: 25.36% (+1.11%)
Safari: 1.75% (+0.09%)
Opera: 1.35% (-0.01%)

Google Chrome increased by over 1.1% for the second month in a row, reach 25.36%. IE was the big loser during the month, losing 1.62% while Firefox increased slightly to 33.10%.

Interestingly, Lifehacker released its browser speed test result on September 27th, their ranking of the top 4 browsers based on speed is:

1. Opera 11.51
2. Firefox 7
3. IE 9
4. Chrome 14

While on the surface, the above ranking seems to contradict the trend we have been seeing, it is useful to point out that the speed test was performed only on the latest versions of each browser. Lifehacker pointed out that Chrome has been seeing speed degradation with each new release, while Firefox 7 did surprisingly well versus earlier versions of Firefox. Given that speed is an important factor in the user browsing experience, can this be a harbinger of things to come? Let’s wait and find out.