Browser Market Share, November 2011

Here is the browser market share for November 2011, based on traffic to my top site (number in parentheses shows change from October 2011):

IE: 34.56% (-1.25%)
Firefox: 33.20% (+0.18%)
Google Chrome: 27.87% (+0.96%)
Safari: 1.93% (no change)
Opera: 1.48% (+0.06%)

Google Chrome’s momentum slowed a bit compared to the previous 3 months, gaining *only* 0.96% to 27.87%. IE again lost market share by more than 1 point, and now the difference between IE and Firefox is a mere 1.36%. Interestingly, Techcrunch reported that in November, Google Chrome has overtaken Firefox as the #2 browser. We do not see that trend here, although it is obvious that the gap between Google Chrome and Firefox has been shrinking rapidly.