Browser Market Share, April 2012

Here is the browser market share for April 2012, based on traffic to my top site (number in parentheses shows change from March 2012):

Google Chrome: 31.88% (+0.63%)
IE: 31.71% (-1.01%)
Firefox: 31.30% (-0.01%)
Safari: 2.40% (+0.22%)
Opera: 1.50% (+0.04%)

In April 2012, Google Chrome’s increase was not as strong as February or March, but it was enough to overtake both IE and Firefox to take the #1 position. IE continued to decline, losing another 1.01% and is now only 0.41% ahead of Firefox. At the current rate, IE will fall to #3 in May. Among the smaller browsers, both Safari and Opera saw healthy increases in April, also at the expense of IE.