Browser Market Share, May 2012

Here is the browser market share for May 2012, based on traffic to my top site (number in parentheses shows change from April 2012):

Google Chrome: 32.42% (+0.54%)
IE: 32.08% (+0.37%)
Firefox: 30.63% (-0.67%)
Safari: 2.27% (-0.13%)
Opera: 1.40% (-0.10%)

In May 2012, Google Chrome’s continued to extend its #1 position over other browsers, gaining 0.54% to 32.42%. IE showed an increase during the month, while Firefox suffered a 0.67% loss. Our numbers are similar to what StatCounter shared. StatCounter said they saw Chrome’s market share during May was 32.4%, while IE’s was 32.1%. These numbers are virtually identical to what we see. StatCounter saw a Firefox’s market share at only 25.6%, which was significant below what we saw.