Browser Market Share, August 2012

Here is the browser market share for August 2012, based on traffic to my top site (number in parentheses shows change from July 2012):

Google Chrome: 35.25% (+1.20%)
IE: 32.29% (-0.41%)
Firefox: 27.64% (-0.80%)
Safari: 2.26% (+0.04%)
Opera: 1.18% (-0.07%)

In August 2012, Google Chrome further distanced itself from competitors, gaining 1.20% to 35.25%. IE and Firefox both suffered losses during the month, losing 0.41% and 0.80%, respectively. Firefox 15, which claimed to have improved memory management and a shorter startup time, was released on August 28, 2012. While that release date meant that the new version would have no impact on the browser market share in August, it will be interesting to see if this new release would have an impact in the coming months.

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