Browser Market Share, February 2013

Here is the browser market share for February 2013, based on traffic to my top site (number in parentheses shows change from January 2013):

Google Chrome: 37.42% (+0.33%)
IE: 30.39% (-0.51%)
Firefox: 25.95% (-0.23%)
Safari: 3.50% (+0.51%)
Opera: 1.11% (-0.12%)

After losing market share in January, Google Chrome is back on the positive track, gaining 0.33% to 37.42%. So far, it appeared that Chrome’s dip in January was temporary and not representative of a long-term trend. Both IE and Firefox lost ground, and Safari showed surprising strength during February. At this time it is not clear the cause behind this increase. StatCounter showed similar market share trends for the top 4 browsers as us.

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