Browser Market Share – June 2013

Here is the browser market share for June 2013, based on traffic to my top site (number in parentheses shows change from May 2013):

Google Chrome: 40.93% (+0.42%)
IE: 28.81% (-0.42%)
Firefox: 23.85% (-0.18%)
Safari: 3.41% (+0.10%)
Opera: 0.95% (-0.15%)

Google Chrome continued to be strong in June, gaining another 0.42% to reach 40.93%. Firefox, on the other hand, lost ground for the 7th consecutive month. The biggest loser in June was IE, which lost 0.42%. StatCounter reported the same trend as us for Chrome, IE, and Safari. It did also report that both Firefox and Opera had small gains, while we reported a decline for both.

Mozilla (maker of Firefox) and Microsoft (maker of IE) both made news recently: Mozilla is releasing its first Firefox OS smartphone in Spain on July 2nd, while Microsoft launched a preview version of IE 11 last week with some significant changes in its features compared to earlier versions of IE. It will be interesting to watch during the second half of the year whether these efforts enough to slow down or even reverse Chrome’s momentum.

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