July 2013 Browser Market Share – IE Making A Comeback

Here is the browser market share for July 2013, based on traffic to my top site (number in parentheses shows change from June 2013):

Google Chrome: 40.84% (-0.09%)
IE: 29.21% (+0.40%)
Firefox: 23.77% (-0.08%)
Safari: 3.21% (-0.20%)
Opera: 0.89% (-0.06%)

The big story for July was that IE gained 0.40%, while all other major browsers lost market share. Google Chrome declined for the first time since January, though the decline was small. The numbers we have are different from what StatCounter reported. This is the first time since we started comparing with StatCounter that both IE and Chrome showed different trends. Compared to previous months, the degree of fluctuation in browser market share was minimal in July.

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