November 2013 Browser Market Share

Here is the browser market share for November 2013, based on traffic to my top site (number in parentheses shows change fromĀ October 2013):

Google Chrome: 44.14% (+1.16%)
IE: 24.58% (-3.10%)
Firefox: 23.68% (+0.42%)
Safari: 3.00% (+0.36%)
Opera: 1.06% (+0.02%)

Our data showed that IE was the big loser in November, losing an eye-popping 3.10% to 24.58%, now less than one percentage point ahead of Firefox. All other browser gained market share, led by Google Chrome, which increased by over 1% to 44.14%. Firefox, Safari, and Opera all showed improvement as well. StatCounter also showed a large increase for Chrome and a large decline for IE, although the decline they saw in IE was less pronounced than what we saw.