December 2013 Browser Market Share

Here is the browser market share for December 2013, based on traffic to my top site (number in parentheses shows change from November 2013):

Google Chrome: 45.89% (+1.75%)
Firefox: 23.44% (-0.24%)
IE: 22.33% (-2.25%)
Safari: 2.93% (-0.07%)
Opera: 0.99% (-0.07%)

IE suffered a loss of more than 2% for the second straight month, this time dropping it behind Firefox, which is the first time Firefox had more market share than IE when we first tracking. Google Chrome was again the big winner in December, now approaching 46% of all browser market share. Our number are pretty consistent with that of StatCounter, which also showed a big decline for IE.

We also look at how the browser market share changed from the end of 2012 to the end of 2013. Below are the numbers:

Google Chrome: +8.09%
Firefox: -2.93%
IE: -7.39%
Safari: -0.14%
Opera: -0.42%
Other Browsers: +3.70%

Chrome was clearly the big winner in 2013. Taking the number 2 spot, however, is the aggregate of smaller browsers, as categorized by Google Analytics. Several mobile browsers fall in this category, which provides evidence that there is a shift in people’s browsing habits. IE was the big loser during the year, falling 7.39% and now is behind Firefox. If this trend continues, we can expect to see Google Chrome top the 50% mark some time in 2014.

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