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Oracle Buys Siebel for $5.85B

Oracle is buying CRM vendor Siebel for $5.85B, which equates to $10.66 per Siebel share. Siebel has sought to be a major player in the data warehousing area with the acquisition of nQuire, which Siebel folded into its suite of offerings as Siebel Analytics. It is unlikely that Oracle will keep the Siebel Analytics component, […]

MicroStrategy 8

I had the chance recently to attend a session where MicroStrategy representatives discussed the new features implemented in the new MicroStrategy 8. There were basically two improvements over the prior version: 1. MicroStrategy 8 added plenty of features for users to generate nice-looking reports. 2. MicroStrategy 8 added additional data source connectivity capabitilies. That was […]

IBM is buying Ascential for $1.1 Billion

IBM is spending $1.1 billion in cash to buy Ascential Software, maker of the popular DataStage ETL tool. This is another sign that the BI industry is undergoing consolidation. Now, all three big players in the data warehousing field (Microsoft, Oracle, and IBM) have a capable ETL tool to offer to the business intelligence crowd. […]

What Do I Look For In A DW Resume

Let’s say I am looking for a hands-on position in a data warehousing team (this is very different from looking for a project management, which requires a very different set of skills). How do I screen for resumes? First, I scan for the Technical Skills section to see if the candidate has the relevant experience […]