50 Top Mybloglog Communities

Below is the ranking of the top MyBlogLog communities (the size of the communities roughly estimates the number of fans for a particular blog). Although this is not necessarily an accurate indication of the actual blog readership, as not all blogs are in MyBlogLog, and not all viewers join MyBlogLog, it’s nevertheless an interesting way to see what people are gravitating towards.

Some interesting observations:

1. English sites dominate the list. Out of the 50, only 6 are non-English, and one other, Blogmeme, has multiple languages.

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Stay away from eBooks claiming to reveal “secrets”

These days many eBooks claiming to reveal some type of secret on the internet. For example, many of those books claim to give you Adsense secrets. Spend some $$ to get the eBook, and the secret is yours. Think about it, if you do have such a formula, what would you do? Selling an eBook telling everyone else in the world about it, or simply go profit from it yourself? To me, the choice is easy. So, it’s obvious sharing the secrets to success is not one of the reasons for writing a eBook. Continue reading

AuctionAds Update

I’ve been using AuctionAds for about a week now, so it’s time for a report.

CTR has been fairly low, which was somewhat surprising to me because I thought the pretty pictures would stimulate more clicks. Revenue was non-existent. This tells me I either targeted the wrong audience, or that the keywords I selected were not very good.

What’s next? I am planning to change the keywords for the ads, and see if that will improve things. I may also test this out on some other sites to see if a different audience profile will help.


AuctionAds, a new advertising network launched last week, is receiving positive reviews.

The signup process is very quick. What I liked about it is that it doesn’t ask for your social security number. I am always a bit leery about providing my SSN when I first sign up for an advertising network, since I want to give out as little of my personal information as possible, given the constant threat of identity theft. Once I earn enough money for them to need to know my SSN, I’ll gladly provide it.

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My Thoughts on ALGOCO

A couple of weeks ago Kumiko wrote a post titled “ALGOCO Will Not Make Money Online! Ever!,” which stirred up some interesting conversation online.

While I don’t really agree with her arguments, especially the “if the company doesn’t make money, I won’t join” logic. Hey, if someone is going to pay me on a regular schedule and I really don’t need to do that much, I could really care the less whether the company will make money itself. Actually, I do think the ALGOCO team has a good chance of making money this time around, because they have learned from their past mistakes from AllAdvantage. That will mean, though, that people cannot expect the kind of money they received from AllAdvantage.

I do have something in common with Kumiko, though, that is I am not signing up for ALGOCO. Why? Because their Viewbar will collect all of my actions on the internet, and ALGOCO will know every page I view and every click I make. This is not a pleasant thought. If they go out and decide to shop that data around, things can really go ugly, and I am not eager to be a part of it.

More info available at Alexa

The Alexa traffic page now includes 3 additional pieces of information:

1. Reach: Reach numbers for yesterday, 1-week average, and 3-months average are show in tabular form.

2. Traffic from individual countries: Showing the percentage of traffic coming from different countries. The top 25 countries are listed.

3. Traffic rank in individual countries: Showing the traffic rank for the site for individual countries. The highest-ranked 25 countries are listed.

The countries distribution numbers should be taken with a grain of salt, as I found the numbers to be quite different from Google Analytics. For example, Alexa says US traffic to one of my sites outnumber traffic from India by 8:1, while Google Analytics has that ratio at 3:1.