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50 Top Mybloglog Communities

Lists and analyzes the top 50 MyBlogLog communities as of April 22, 2007.

Stay away from eBooks claiming to reveal “secrets”

There are many eBooks proclaiming to reveal “secrets.” My advice is to stay away from them. Read to find out why.

AuctionAds Update

An update on TopCat’s experience with AuctionAds.


Introducing AuctionAds, a new affiliate program for webmasters that is built on top of the eBay program.

My Thoughts on ALGOCO

Bottom line: I am not signing up for Algoco because of privacy concerns.

More info available at Alexa

Alexa now includes 3 additional pieces of information: Reach, traffic distribution by country, and traffic rank by country.

Google is the top global brand for 2 years running

According to, Google is the world’s top brand for 2006, after having received the same honor for 2005.

DMOZ site suggestion back online

Open Directory Project’s URL Submission function is back online.