Adobe’s Interesting Marriage To Omniture

It’s been a month since Adobe announced its purchase of Omniture. While some people have actually come out and say that getting the web analytics component is a smart move by Adobe, as Adobe would be able to bundle the Omniture technology into its web publishing offerings, most people remain skeptical as a) getting web analytics technology does not make a lot of sense given Adobe’s existing product line. Getting bought by either a top internet company or a company offering business intelligence solutions makes a lot more sense. b) Google Analytics, which is free, is rapidly making web analytics a commodity.

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Firefox 3 – First Impressions

Today was the first day Firefox 3, and I downloaded to find out what all the fuss is about. This new release is of particular interest to me because I have been monitoring the browser market share for a while now, and I want to get a feeling on whether this release will likely increase the market share for Firefox versus IE.

Below are my reactions after initial usage:

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Adsense For Mobile Now Available

If you have a mobile website, you have just gotten a new way to monetize your site today, as Google has made Adsense for Mobile to its publishers.

To use Adsense For Mobile, your site needs to be in wml, xhtml, or ctml. You can put one mobile ad unit on each page, and each unit can contain one (single) or two (double) ads. You can also customize your color scheme and select a channel to track, just like Adsense for Content. Adsnese For Mobile requires server-side scripting, and at this moment the following languages are supported:

PHP v4.3.0 or greater
Perl v5.8 or greater
JSP v1.2 or greater
ASP v3.0 or greater

Safari is now available on Windows

Today Apple announced that it is releasing Safari for Windows. This is certainly a welcome news for the Windows community, as most of the prevalent browsers for Windows, namely IE, Firefox, and Opera, all suffer some type of performance shortcomings.

I downloaded Safari 3 Beta for Windows and started playing with it. Overall, the browsing experience is pleasant, browser speed was quick as advertised, and Apple’s renowned user interface did not disappoint. I did run into one issue, though, and that was I was unable to enter Chinese characters. Unfortunately for me, that means in the short run, I will need to stick with one of the current browsers.

It will be interesting to see how this announcement shakes up the browser market share. As I have been posting here in TopCat Blog, Safari’s market share has ranged between 0.6% to 0.8% during the past 9 months. One can expect that this number will increase in the coming months, as more and more Windows users discover Safari. My guess is that Safari will grow significantly at the expense of IE, and Firefox’s market share will become flat, as new defectors of IE will now likely turn to Safari.

Google Buying Feedburner for $100 M

Techcrunch reported that Google is close to buying Feedburner for $100 M. This deal has been rumored for a while now, but today Techcrunch said definitely that a deal will happen.

What does this mean? The comment board at Technorati is already buzzing with the possibility of seeing Adsense ads in Feedburner feeds in the not-to-distant future. Additionally, it is very likely that there will be some kind of integration between Google Reader and Feedburner.

I also think that this will help Google Blog Search to include more blogs in its index. Furthermore, other blogging service sites, most notably Technorati, will probably feel the need to quickly partner up with someone else. A Google-Technorati marriage is also possible, although it’s not as obvious as the Google-Feedburner marriage, where there is little overlap between the two.