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Comparing Personalized Homepages

I have tried out the personalized home page option for the 3 major sites: Google, MSN (My MSN), and Yahoo (My Yahoo). All three do a good job to allow you to set up page(s) where you can see the information you care on a single page, and users can easily add/modify/delete content on all […]

Microsoft introduces LinkfromDomain operator on

Microsoft has introduced the LinkfromDomain operator on¬ This operator allows users to see all¬ outgoing links from a¬ top-level domain.¬ This is basically the opposite of the LinkDomain¬ operator, which allows users to see all¬ incoming links to a domain. Whlie test driving this command, I noticed the following: 1.¬ LinkfromDomain is not available […]

Google-Youtube deal announced

Google announced its acquisition of Youtube after the market closed today in a stock purchase valued at $1.65 billion.¬ I’ve outlined why I thought this is a good purchase for all parties involved in the previous post. The fallout with this purchase is that Yahoo will most likely speed up its courtship of Facebook, which […]

Google – Youtube. A good deal?

There is rampant speculation that Google is close to buying Youtube.¬ Let’s take a look at whether this is a good deal from 3 respects:¬ Google, Youtube, and users. Google 1.¬ This acquisition will instantly make Google the #1 player in online video, currently the hot trend on the internet. ¬ Outside of search, Google […]

Google Code Search

Google released Code Search, a search utility to find computer codes across the web. Users can type in a snippet of code they are looking for (including regular expressions), and Google Code Search will return the codes that contain that particular snippet. People can also search by specifying the file name, package name, language, or […]

Combo Search

Combo search refers to a different way of presenting search results. In the Google world, people are used to see pages after pages full of only web search results, or image search results, or new search results, etc (with the exception of some sponsored links). This is, however, not the way search results are presented […]

Research in Search Engine Labs

There is an article on Search Engine Watch that talks about the research going on in major search engine labs. Below is what each search engine lab is focusing on: Microsoft adCenter Labs Paid search Contextual ads Behavioral targeting Emerging markets Yahoo Labs How to know what to believe Trust models online and propagation What […]

Google Webmaster Tools: Part 3, Statistics Reports

This blog talks about the reports available under the Statistics tab in Google Webmaster Tools. The 4 main sections are: Query stats, Crawl stats, Page analysis, and Index stats. Let’s take a look at each one below: Query stats This page displays two main reports: 1) Top search queries (queries that most often return a […]