Danny Sullivan leaving Search Engine Watch

Danny Sullivan announced in his blog that he is leaving Search Engine Watch, and almost certainly the Search Engine Strategies conference as well, after unable to come to a new contract with the current corporate owner of Search Engine Watch, Incisive Media.

This is a bummer as Danny has basically become the face of the SES conference, and his contribution to the SEO and SEM industry is well known. It remains to see how this will affect the popularity of SES conferences. I wonder how this will affect the SES turnout going forward. My guess is that short term (say within the next 6-12 months), there will only be a small effect at most. The true impact will be long term, as the SES conference needs to have tracks that are both up-to-date and interesting, not to mention good-quality speakers!

I hope someone other than Danny will read my feedback to SES San Jose 2006…

Adsense Search

Adsense Search has not generated much revenue. However, I have found an area where Adsense Search is useful — in providing us the webmasters insight into what our visitors are looking for. Adsense now reports on the top keywords users type into the search box, and these keywords will provide ideas on what to add to your existing site.

Adsense Experimentation

I’ve experimented with two Adsense placement strategies during the past month:

1. Putting graphics on top of Adsense units. There has been a report that employing this technique can quadruple Adsense CTR by 4x. That was not the case for me. In fact, my CTR took a small dive.

2. Adding a second ad unit on pages. I found the total earnings for pages with 2 ad units actually declined. So again, this strategy did not work for me.