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Google Webmaster Tools: Part 3, Statistics Reports

This blog talks about the reports available under the Statistics tab in Google Webmaster Tools. The 4 main sections are: Query stats, Crawl stats, Page analysis, and Index stats. Let’s take a look at each one below: Query stats This page displays two main reports: 1) Top search queries (queries that most often return a […]

Google Webmaster Tools: Part 2, Diagnostic Reports

Once you have set up your site with Google Webmaster Tools, you’ll be able to view two types of reports: Diagnostic Reports and Statistics Reports. In this post, I’ll review the information available in the Diagnostic Tab. Under the Diagnostic tab, there are three main sections: Summary, Crawl errors, and Tools. Let’s take a look […]

Google Webmaster Tools: Part 1, Setting Up

In this post, I’ll talk about how to set up your site in Google Webmaster Tools. In subsequent posts, I’ll look at the reports available in Google Webmaster Tools. To add a site to Google Webmaster Tools, do the following: 1. Go to 2. Login with your Google account. 3. Type in your site […]

Yahoo Site Explorer

Yahoo Site Explorer ( is a service provided by Yahoo that shows what the Yahoo search engine knows about your site, specifically which pages are indexed, and the number of inbound links. If you register, you can submit a feed to Yahoo to ensure that Yahoo knows all your pages. The most useful part of […]

Comparing Major Search Engines

When it comes to the complexity of search engine algorithms, it is known that MSN is the least sophisticated, Yahoo (Inktomi) is better than MSN, and Google is the most advanced. With that in mind, it is slightly surprisingly to me that I’d find the following rankings for my SQL Tutorial site: Query Term = […]

Creating a Simple Google Sitemap

There is a way to tell Google what pages exist on your website by creating a sitemap in XML format. Note that this is different from a sitemap HTML page, even though both share the same purpose of making sure the search engine sees your pages. The main difference is that your human visitors will […]

Convert IP Address to Country

One exercise that you’d like to do is find out which countries your visitors are coming from. There are several reasons for doing this: 1) You might want to tailor your content to that particular demographic. 2) If you have lots of visitors from a particular country, you might want to consider adding a version […]

SEO Technique – Leveraging Yahoo Answers

One method that I’ve never seen anyone talk about for increasing your site’s traffic is leveraging Yahoo Answers (or Yahoo Knowledge, depending on which country you are in). This is especially useful if you have an informational site. What you can do is to list your site as part the answer, or list it as […]