Browser Market Share, January 2010

Here is the browser market share for January 2010, based on traffic to my top site:

IE: 47.85%
Firefox: 38.34%
Google Chrome: 9.62%
Opera: 1.85%
Safari: 1.77%
Mozilla: 0.31%

For the third month in a row, Google Chrome (+0.83%) was the big winner, while both IE (-0.39%) and Firefox (-0.17%) both saw decline. At the current rate, Google Chrome is likely to exceed 10% in February. I have observed that Firefox seemed to be crashing quite frequently lately (it’s occurring almost on a daily basis for me), so it’s not too surprising that it has been losing share. IE also suffered bad PR in the Google hacking case, where hackers exploited a zero-day vulnerability in IE for their attack. As a result, its decline was almost expected.