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PHP string functions are used to manipulate string data. The most common string functions include the following:

PHP String FunctionDescription
addslashes()Adds slashes to specified characters in a string.
echo()Outputs one or more strings.
explode()Splits a string into multiple strings based on the specified delimiter.
htmlentities()Converts characters into corresponding HTML entities.
htmlspecialchars()Converts 5 characters into corresponding HTML entities.
implode()Joins array elements with a specified delimiter.
md5()Calculates the md5 hash of a string.
number_format()Sets the format of a numerical output.
print()Outputs one or more strings.
str_replace()Changes certain occurrances on a string with a replacement string.
strlen()Returns the length of a string.
strpos()Finds the position of the first match in a string.
strstr()Returns all characters of a string after the first match.
substr()Retrieves a portion of the string.
trim()Strips out white spaces at both ends of a string.

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